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  1. Can you tell me the status of Institute of Chinese Medical Studies? Do they have an EduTrust rating? And if not, are they in the process of receiving one. If they don’t get one, will they have to close down?

    I hope you can help me with my questions.

    Thank you.


    • This institute just got one year registration with CPE under ERF. Certificate Expiry date:4.7.2012. Not an Edutrust certified institute. Are you an international students?

  2. Racently pursuit study diploma in Kings International Business School..can you kindly let me know abt is the cerft fr tis school is certified?? cos i cnt find it when i type my school name..thank you for reply…

  3. Kings Internatinal business School is not an EduTrust certified school.

  4. Can you tell me the status of OSAC International College .Do they have an EduTrust rating? And if not, are they in the process of receiving one. If they don’t get one, will they have to close down?

    I hope you can help me with my questions.

  5. Usually, when a school is unable to obtain a EduTrust certification, it does not mean that the school will close down, as the school would have already receive the ERF registration. ERF registration is a mandatory process for all private wishing to operate in Singapore. However, should the school wishes to take in foreign students, they will have to undergo and tougher process by the name of EduTrust certification. Schools may choose NOT to undergo this process so long they are only recruiting local students. However, having said that, for schools that are heavily dependent on foreign students to make up the revenue, being unable to obtain the EduTrust certification will be a major blow and might cost the school dearly.

  6. i need to know hw gud is aec college

    • AEC College has got 4-year EduTrust certification. With that, I believe they have attained a certain level of competency in terms of their teaching quality. However, it all depends on what course you want to take. AEC is quite diverse in their offerings, Law, Hospitality, ACCA, Retail Management, etc.

  7. Please could you tell me about AEC College and the MBA Programe (Offered by University of Wales,Newport). How good is it and after completing the course how can i apply for job. also does the help in placements.

  8. I’m look at international schools for our son and I’m a bit confused about CPE and Edutrust certifications.
    Is either Dover Court Prepartory school or International Community School Edutrust rated?

    If they are not, do they have to be to accept my son as a student (international student, but on a dependant pass)?

    Are they applying for the Edutrust rating?

    Thank you!

  9. Are you sure Stamford College is registered with CPE? I can’t find it on the CPE website.
    Also what about Aestral? Is it registered?

  10. How do i lodge a complain against a private school? The school is under edutrust. Pls advice.

  11. how good is osac international college for HND in hospitality management????

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