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700 private schools closed, about 320 registered after June 20 deadline

On 7th July, major newspapers in Singapore carried a report that the number of private schools registered under the enhanced framework has dropped to about 328 schools. This sees about 700 schools that has closed down, merged or no longer qualify under the new regulations. While there are some schools still having their registration under process, the number of EduTrust certified schools that allows enrolment for foreign students at this update stands at 21 schools for the 4-year validity EduTrust and 42 schools for the 1-year validity EduTrust Provisional. This enhanced voluntary certification put in place measures to ensure students are protected such as school fees insurance in the event that these schools closes down.

Areas such as corporate governance, fee protection for students and teacher selection are evaluated before the EduTrust mark is awarded. It is therefore important for prospective students to search for private schools with the relevant award given by the regulatory body to ensure a peace of mind while pursuing their studies here in Singapore.

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  1. Hii…… Please let me know How can I get my fee back from the college which are closed??

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