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Lithan Hall Academy – Master of Business in ERP Systems

Can anyone enlighten me that if Lithan Hall Academy’s Master of Business in ERP Systems which twin with Victoria University (Australia) is recognised certificate in Singapore?

Victoria University (Australia) is currently not listed in MOM’s University Reorganization List. Thank you


  1. The recognition of certificates are based solely on the discretion of individual or organisation. However, the course i certainly believe has great potential in getting a high pay job as internationally, it has shortage of people who are qualified ERP Consultants.

    • I beg to disagree. I finished the course and couldn’t really find a good job related to ERP (not even SAP). If you don’t have any experience at all in ERP, this course won’t help you find a good job especially here in Singapore. I am not sure if the institution has changed, but during my time, they were very very unorganized (2-3 yrs ago). The Australian lecturers were good, but some of the local lecturers are way below the standard level. Almost all my classmates felt we didn’t get the quality of education that we paid for.

      • Do you know how the course is now.?I’m SAP basis admin for 1 year,looking to switch my carrer to ABAP or functional consulting.Will this help me .? What are the chances of getting job after this course in Singapore.?

  2. Do note that MOM’s list is not exhaustive. In Singapore, recognition of qualifications is up to individual employers, apart from the Civil Service Departments. The qualification will be recognized in Singapore as long as it is recognized by the government of the country the school is located. For example, a degree from University of Melbourne (UoM) is recognized as long as UoM is recognized by the government of Australia.

  3. This is a lousy school. They never take care about students request at all.

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