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MDIS admitting students with fake certs?

Overheard a couple of MDIS students (I presume) talking openly about a classmate using fake or bought certificates via agent to admit into the school. Sounds like something serious. If Singapore is to become an education hub, then this does not bode well…


  1. may you have references rather than abstract overheard

  2. MDIS cannot refund school fees. Even have already transfer to other school. So sad.

    • With regards to the fee refund, should always read the Refund Policy stated on your student contract carefully. The usual practice will be NO refund after the course commenced for more than 7 days.

  3. I think even if that’s the case, can’t blame MDIS. Firstly, if the students are foreign students recruited by agents, then only the agents know that they are fake certs, while MDIS would be kept in the dark. Secondly, these certs are required to be notary certified by the local notary public personnel, if the cert managed to be notary certified, only 2 possibilities: 1) Notary office official bribed. 2) The cert is real. Next, after all the hassle, they documents are sent to ICA for processing of student pass, if the student pass was approved, then again, 2 possibilities: 1) ICA officers did not examine the certs carefully, which I think they might have difficulty doing so since its a scanned copy. 2) The certs are real.

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