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MDIS Quality Issues

Regarding about the end of partnership between ECU and MDIS, MDIS states in local news paper that ” Both institutes mutually agree not to renew partnership

Actually its not, ECU withdraw because of the MDIS quality issue!


Above link is the message from the ECU’s Vice-chancellor regarding about the end of partnership between MDIS and ECU. READ THE QUESTION 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. ECU staffs do have their own reason for the withdrawal, but note that those reasons are from only them. MDIS also have their reason to halt this franchising partnership.

    Look at the number of ECU students at MDIS, fewer than 400, probably due to that at MDIS, most of students prefer the Bradford University course which is reputed for its school of management.

    Few number of students means ECU had a bad economies of scale since they still need to invest time and money to keep track of those students with that institute.

    From MDIS’s perspective, few students create numerous difficulties in scheduling. Besides, ECU’s ranking is not good as it used to be anymore. It is also reasonable for MDIS to exclude it from the portfolio

    The end of this partnership is what should be done by both side.

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