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MDIS in the news again – 31 Mass Comm students’ MCQ exam scripts ‘missing’

This news about ‘missing’ MCQ exam answer papers was reported in the local newspaper TODAY and CNA on Friday 17th Dec 2010. A group of 31 students from MDIS Mass Comm were told that their MCQ exam answer scripts which were attempted on October 9 this year went ‘missing’.

In the news, it was mentioned that Oklahoma City University (OCU) which is the partner university for the mass communications programme had advised these MDIS students to retake the exams.

MDIS has reportedly met the students, majority are foreigners and whom are in the final year  last Friday to get feedback on how best to help them.

You may read the full details of this report from the local newspapers archives for 17th December 2010.

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  1. Well, the latest news is that MDIS got 4 years EduTrust. This must really be a big joke. First you have Informatics which failed and got 4 years after a few months. So much for review and results. Now we have MDIS getting 4 years after all the scandal. CPE is fast becoming a laughing stock of the industry.

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