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ECU’s MDIS pullout: “MDIS will address students’ concerns”

There have been various talks recently before today’s published newspaper news regarding information that ECU has decided to pull out of MDIS. With this comes to the question on what happens to existing students who are part of the ECU programme in MDIS.

A local newspaper carried the news today regarding this pullout. You may read the full details from e-newspaper dated Friday Nov 19 2010 and the news is carried on page A6.

It was mentioned in the paper that the decision by ECU was from its ‘strategic goals and objectives’. It is also good to know that MDIS will address the concerns by meeting the students ‘early next week’.

Are you a current student in the MDIS-ECU programmes? How does this affect you?

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  1. quite scary to know that MDIS, being such a large school is still not EduTrust certified.

    been hearing lots of rumours about it lately.

    could ECU’s withdrawal be something more that’s brewing?

    • They recruited students with ECU name and now they just said no more ECU program. They never mentioned about the ECU matter while recruiting students.
      This is the biggest mistake in my life that I decided to study Information Technology at MDIS.
      Now they only offer with useless courses.

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