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540 private schools in Singapore may close by June 2011

About 540 of the 1000 private schools in Singapore may close next year when the mandatory registration for the EduTrust regulations ends in June 2011. This news which was carried in a major local newspaper on 23 October 2010 came after another private school informed its students earlier that it has decided to cease operations citing financial difficulties.

As of the current news report, there are 195 private schools in Singapore that has registered with the EduTrust regulatory body while another 115 are currently undergoing evaluation. Of the thousand of private schools currently operating in Singapore offering various degrees and diploma programmes, only 46 private schools has made the mark to be given the EduTrust award.

Areas such as corporate governance, fee protection for students and teacher selection are evaluated before the EduTrust mark is awarded. It is therefore important for prospective students to search for private schools with the relevant award given by the regulatory body to ensure a peace of mind while pursuing their studies here in Singapore.

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  1. Respected Officer,

    I wanna apply for study permit in singapore. but today i came to know about 540 private school’s in singapore may close by june 2011, so Let me know that which college’s has been regested with EDU Trust. & send me EDU trsut college’s list at my email id which is mention below for ur reference.

  2. Hello Folks, Iam Zama , I wanted to enquire if City of Manchester school of Management is recognized by the Edu Trust or not , as im registered as a student with the above stated management school. and my classes were to be started by nov 5th but we’ve been put of uptill now. Please advice

    • Hello Zama,

      City of Manchester School of Management was previously registered with the Ministry of Education under the old scheme before the introduction of the Private Education Act (2009).

      However, there are no indications of their registration with the Council for Private Education (CPE).

      The school must first be registered with CPE and meet the mandatory requirements for Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF). Only then, they can submit for an EduTrust audit.

    • try to go to nanyang or smu

  3. I have searched on your web site to know more about \edu trust\ and CEP registration numbers of of the Indian schools in Singapore which accept Indian citizens.

    The 4 Indian schools names are :- NPS International School, Yuva Bharti International School, Global Indian International SChool, and DPS International School.

    I have gone to all three school web sites which do not have this info after searching there.

    On CPE (gov’t) web site they have mentioned registration of NPS International and Yuva Bharti International. Does it mean the others are not registered ? Their status or affiliation number is not shown. If you have more info about this please update it. Thank you for all updates through your web site.

    • PV,

      If their names are not on the CPE website, it means they have yet to register for Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF), the first step to attaining EduTrust.

      If their names are on the CPE website, but do not have any status update nor EduTrust Certificate Number, it means they have ERF, but are still awaiting or going through EduTrust audits, or awaiting audit results. This can take between 3-6 months.

  4. Dear sir/mam,
    I am Charanjit singh from india. i want to apply in hospitality management course in Singapore through Stet Institute, Registration. No.: 200901936C, Period of registration: 4 years , but i read news through ur Edu trust Singapore school and college may close 2011 please tell me this institute will valid till and in future pls help me thanks.

    Charanjit singh

    • Charanjit,

      Stet Institute or Sirius Training & Education Institute has received EduTrust Provisional certification.


      EduTrust Provisional means they have just made the grade, but some areas require improvement. CPE will audit them again in 12 months to ensure they’ve made the improvements necessary for a full EduTrust certification.

      • Respected Sir/madam,

        I wana know that Stamford Raffles College, Singapore is regesterd by EDUtrust or not, b’coz i m regesterd as a student with this college. plz sir give me yur great right direction.

      • Respected Sir/madam,

        I wana know that Stamford Raffles College, Singapore is regesterd by EDUtrust or not, b’coz i m regesterd as a student with this college. plz sir give me yur great right direction.

        in waiting for yur early responce……..
        Vatan Singh.

  5. Can I please check if Stansfield has or will be given Edutrust?

    • how about Uptrend College?i found they have using edu trust logo. Cert No. is EDU-3-3065
      I would like to apply Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy & Finance awarded by Heriot-watt University.
      is that school qualified for edu trust ?

  6. how about singapore institute of commerece
    is that school qualified for edu trust

  7. Dear sir/madam,

    I am currently a student at Egg Story Digital Art School (ESDAA). The school is now receiving WDA fund and I would like to know if ESDAA is under EduTrust. If there is anything happens during my study at the school, which authorities (EduTrust, CaseTrust, WDA or MOE) should I turn to to discuss the issue if the school cannot or refuses to solve it?

    A Student

  8. Hi, how about Raffles College of higher education? Is it qualified for edu trust?

  9. Hi

    Just wanna know. Is stamford college under the edutrust?

  10. Dear Sir

    GIIS School of Singapore has advertised GIIS SCholarships for Indian students who want to Singapore.

    Hindustan Times ad

    They are inviting application from students with 85% and above for $66,000 per student including one way airfare for two years. What is your opinion on this. Is this school good qualified for edutrust. Please post all details on them.

    • Global Indian International School is awarded 1-year EduTrust Certification, expiring on 11 July 2012. They also obtained a 4-year ERF registration, expiring on 24 February 2015

  11. Hello folks, I want to know if there is any rule or law in Singapore about mandatory EDUTrust certification or is it optional. I mean, can a non EDU-Trust certified institution (private institution) recruit international students if it is not even entered in EDU-Trust provisional list ? Should international students sign up for such deals or is it illegal to solicit ?

    • Yes. It is mandatory. If the school is not Edutrust Certified. Your Course fee will not be Protected. You should not sign up..

  12. Dear Authority ,

    We have been told by college officials of International Academy @Bintan , Bintan iseland ,INDONESIA is approved by Edu- Trust as it is Singapore organisation in INDONESIA . Is it true ????


    • There is no indication on CPE’s website that the school has obtained any form of the mandatory ERF registration, much less the EduTrust certification. You may wish to check with the official for the full name of the school

  13. hi sir
    m in the prossess of applying to nanyang institute of management for post graduate diploma in hospitality and tourism. just wanted to know that (edutrust is valid till dec 2011), how are they performing till now as per edutrust standards whats there market reputation in terms of employment. what happens if they fail in edutrust audits this course starts in oct2011 then whats the value of my course?

    • Normally ;Edutrust certified school(Provisional) will try to re-apply for the 4 years certification in within one year time. if they could not get 4 years in the site audits; they still might have a change to get another one year provisional certification(if they meet CPE requirement)… I think the Edutrust certification does not affect much of the course value.. The purpose of having this EduTrust is aimed to raise the current standards of the education industry service providers eventually to achieve the vision of Singapore being an education hub.

  14. Can you please make an estimate how much does it cost for any school to go through Edutrust certification ? An Indian school in Queenstown area is charging I believe $180 per parent for ceritification fee. Want to know if surcharging like this is approved. For 4000 students 4000 x 180 = total 720K.

    • No comment on the charging of certification fee. I think the estimation for getting Edutrust certification is less than 60K for employing a full time freelancer.

    • The cost of the EduTrust certification process should be borne by the school itself. However, there is no regulation stating that the cost cannot be transferred to the students.

  15. Dear Mr Boon Sen

    The amount GIIS is collecting extra for this is called as “student welfare fee”, it is like $180 plus but with GST included actually $203. I also heard this may be to cover legal fees of GIIS (not officially stated). I also know about NPS International school which is charging an extra amount of $6 to $10 which is supposed to be to cover Fee Protection scheme payment to insurance company “Lonpac”.

    Now my question is about the laws on the deposit amount of $2500 GIIS is holding on behalf of each parent. It was supposed to be returnable with notice period. GIIS laws for normal students are at

    and the laws applying to foreign recruited students is (different wording and Indian Rupees amounts)

    I hope you can throw some light without pointing out the parents names.

    • All the fees (Tuition/non-Tuition related) must be clearly stated on all marketing collaterals, websites, advertisements. Fees paid to the school must be protected by the Fee protection scheme (FPS), either by Escrow or Insurance. If you find that the school is overcharging, or collecting unreasonable monies, you may wish to lodge a formal complain against the school at the CPE students’ services centre. Rest assured that your particulars will be kept strictly confidential

  16. i am currently study in Singapore Raffles Institute. Can i know is this school will be close or not? And they got the EduTrust yet?

  17. Hi,

    I would like to know does Australian International School gotten the Edutrust yet?

    • I could not get this school name in PEI’s registration list under CPE? Is this the right school name? it’s good if you could provide me the School registration order to check on their status…

    • Australian International School obtained the mandatory 4-year ERF registration, expiring 5 July 2015. However, they are NOT EduTrust certified. They are still able to recruit students locally.

  18. Hi

    Is MDIS under edutrust? Is it a reliable school?

  19. Is ERC Institute Singapore certified under Edu trust? Pls help?????

  20. hi sir,
    actualy i want to know that is Stet Institute or Sirius Training & Education Institute re-new their
    certificate of edu trust, which is very important for every college/univ. or also tell me is that institute is gud for the course of advance deploma in sales mangement…

  21. What is your email address? Maybe i will share with you more. Or you can email me at

  22. Hi sir, we would like to know when there will be a list of the k-12 schools that have passed the first round for edutrust. we want to make sure our kids are enrolled in the correct school.

    when will the list be available?

    • Insworld Institute ( provides education programs for 12 to 18 year-olds. We offer Edexcel IGCSE, A Levels and International Tuition Program. Contact me for more info

  23. sir, one more question, what about bristol business school??

  24. Hello Sir,

    I have got admission in the ERC institute , Singapore. I need to know few things regarding the institute as I am going to resign my job and come there to study. So just wanted to confirm on few things..

    1. How much is the university reliable?
    2. Job Placements- Good or bad?
    3. Cost of living- Is it too high?

    Thanks so much!!

    • you are not guaranteed a job in singapore upon graduation. but the school is reliable IMO. you may email me at for more information.

    • ERC Institute received EduTrust certification (20 May 2010 to 19 May 2014). Reliability depends on how you define it. With regards to job placements in Singapore, there is NO officially recognized degrees. The Singapore Government has made it clear that it is up to the employers whether they choose to recognize the degrees or not.

      Cost of living in Singapore generally ranges between 900 to 1500, with the bulk it going to the rental of rooms/hostels.

      A typical breakdown is as follow:
      1) Transport ~ $100
      2) Food ~ $300
      3) Rental ~ $400-$800 (per bedroom)
      4) Mobile ~ $50
      5) Others ~ $0-$300 (depending on necessity)

  25. any students passed 10th can go to singapore without any other formality and in edu-trust colleges just in 1.25 lakh rupees IF U AINTERESTED U CAN CALL ME 09501703010 OR EMAIL ME

  26. is the stamford college in sophia road,peace center,#06-24,is a registered school?or is it one of the private college school had closed last june?just wanna know,,,thanks

  27. Hi i would like to know about CHATSWORTH MEDIAART ACADEMY, SINGAPORE,
    They have a 4 yr ERF certificate but no mention about the EduTrust, can I as an International student apply or will you not recommend it?

    Also I am considering applying for Orita Sinclair Design School & First Media Design School , can someone anyone tell me if they are both good schools?

    I would like it if anyone can get in touch with me at regarding the same.
    Thank you.

  28. hi sir
    i have completed my btech frm india ,now i am planning to join AEC college or ERC college for MBA program.can u plz tell me is this collge is gud for study or not?which one is better collge between this two.and what about 6 months internships and job.i want to do job in dat field .is it easy to get job in singapore after mba or not.? more questions?
    1-any other collge better then given 2 but m having ielts 6band so according to these band which 1 collge for me .
    2 part time jobs are avilable or not.if avilable -how much i can earn in 1 month?
    3-last qestion .my decision is rite for mba in singapore or i have to choose any other like canada?

  29. I want to know abt “Stamford Raffles College”
    Is it certified college..??
    And from India one consultancy is telling me that ” In 7 Lakh (INR) u can do one of to courses
    1. International Marketing
    2. HR

    pls do needful

  30. Hi,

    I ‘d appreciate if you could please let me know where I can learn about the guidelines for qualifying for an EduTrust certificate. Also, whether or not it is possible to start a non-academic training program as a foreigner, without an EduTrust certification.

    Thanks & regards,


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