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Do you have a good or bad experience while studying in any of the private schools here in Singapore? Post your experiences in the forum today at . Let others know so we can make good decisions when selecting a school here.

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  1. We are Vietnamese students of (MDIS) Management Development Institute of Singapore.
    We would like to seek your help on a very important matter that concerns all the other international students of MDIS.
    There was a recent exam leakage in the School of language in MDIS, wherein some students were suspected of having bought the answers from an unknown source. Due to this incident, the school tried to pin point those students whom they said got a suspiciously high mark for the said examinations.
    Now all of those students who got a high mark in the exams are already suspects in buying of the answers. Mdis now wants us to re-take the exams even if they are not really sure who exactly bought the exam answers.
    We feel that this is unfair to us and to our families who are the ones paying for our studies and are hoping for us to get a better education so that we may use it for our future life. We do not think that MDIS has the right to treat us as suspects and we know that we are innocent of such accusations until we are proven guilty of the said offense.
    Furthermore, taking that examinations again would mean that we will not be able to progress to our degree and bachelor’s program on time, this would also mean added expenses for our school fees and living expenses in Singapore.
    Maybe some students did get themselves involved in this kind of activity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all those who got a high mark means they also cheated. If the school would proceed in this kind of system, it just goes to show that they are not really able to manage their own ranks and that they are not confident that their faculty can really push the students to achieve a high mark for any examinations fair and square.
    It is the school’s responsibility to look after the student’s welfare, may it be local or international students. They should be focusing on tracking down the perpetrators of such activity rather than fishing for answers by harassing the students.
    We do not know how to handle this situation that is why we are writing to you. We are hoping for your swift response to this matter.

    • MDIS has always been cheating exam papers for all students for years. SOOOO glad someome has gits to come out. Especially the English Language dapartment whose teachers are not qualified and the head of department does not know what he is doing. Only very lucky to be there because of the boss who is same nationality. They made a very good English head leave bacuse she is better than him. vVERRY BBAAD school

    • I fully understand the situation where you were treated badly at MDIS. It is good that you realize your rights and privileges as a foreign student in Singapore.

      Singapore government makes sure that no foreign students are cheated in Singapore. However, some rogue schools still cheat them of their hard-earned money.

      It is very important to choose a good school to study in SIngapore. I would never recommend anyone to study in MDIS. Some good schools are mentioned below:

      1. James Cook Univesity –
      2. Curtin University –
      3. University of Nevada, Singapore –

      Hope this helps.

  2. Please consider carefully before studying at Stansfield. They keep changing their lecturers and worse of all, their lecturers have dubious degrees and shady backgrounds. Someone should really screen their lecturers. Their degrees should be authenticated. Most of them dont even have their masters and they’re lecturing at Diploma and University level??Was taking thier law course, spoke to one lecturer only to find out that she served as a legal clerk before with no real experience. There is virtually no entry requirements for their Diploma in Law….I know one student doesnt even have O levels. Why are they still allowed to operate?

    • its absolutely true

    • Most of them don’t even have their masters and they’re lecturing at Diploma and University level??

      So what! Merely having pieces of paper saying you have a masters or PHD does not make you a good teacher. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, many successful intelligent people have no Masters but are great teachers and innovators.
      Many people who have masters know nothing about practical applications but all about sucking up to Universities, Theoretical factoids but little about the real world.
      Besides many Masters students couldn’t even come up with any creative plan to build or implement any type of strategy. All they can do is re chew facts and pieces of information from books.
      Show me a passionate caring teacher with real life experience and I don’t care that he only has a high-school Diploma or real life experience. Ghandi, Newton, Most Billionaires, Artists, Musicians, Creative Talent and successful business people. Most people who have a masters or above are anally retentive and arrogant braggarts who constantly need to remind people that they have a Masters. Its a sort of Inferiority complex type of lashing out at the world.
      By the Way, ERC school of business, anyone like ex students from China have any info about them ?

  3. Tyndale Insitute is a cheating school from lecturers to officer badly. When the Edu Trust came to check the school they told that all student must be tell every good thing about the school. if no, the student will be reject student pass and their assignment will be fail. They used lecturer not have qualified or experiences to teach for student. Studying in this school is very bad and waste money. Pls consider this school.

    • You wrote:
      “When the Edu Trust interviewed the students they told that all student must be tell every good thing about the school. if no, the student will be reject student pass and their assignment will be fail.”
      Hey that’s a similar to the story I heard about the Singapore Hospitality Resort Management Cooking School SHRM where they made fun of the Chinese complaining students who told Edutrust that they hated the quality and bad conditions. I heard from a student friebnd that they are now in Geylang and treat foreign students with threats as if they are bullies
      Are they still edu trusted?

      • SHRM are awarded one year EduTrust. If you are coerced into making favorable statements to the CPE officials during the audit, or you faced intimidations or threats, please raise your case to CPE student services center, either via e-mail or personally at YMCA building at Dhoby Ghaut. Upon receiving your case, CPE will launch an investigation and will not hesitate to cancel the EduTrust SHRM has got if found allegations are true

  4. The government should also made it mandatory for student agents to be register with edutrust and to place a deposit of at least SGD $50,000, should they want to work or continue to working as an agent/s for the local business/ commercial or government schools to recruit students via their overseas contacts.

    These student agents including locals and foreign, if they choose not to register then they should not bring in student here to study and if they do so without first register with edutrust with a deposit, they should be fine and a heavy penalty to be hand out to the schools concerned.

    They should also make it transparent to their clients (students and their parents) on the type of fees that they are receiving from the school/s including other services which they are charging and a copy are to be submitted to the edutrust when they applying for the student visa and the copy are to be counter signed by their clients and the student agent/s. They should also include a list of services which the student agent render or offer as a committment for the fee collected.

    Heard from some oversea students, that their parents paid high fees to their agent/s in order for their children to study in Singapore. By making it transparent, these student agents will think twice before charging high fees to their potential clients (the students/ parents of the students).

    If possible, these student agent should be made to sit for a course or qualifying examination with a certificate issue by edutrust before they can be allowed to do this student recruiting business.

  5. i’m student from BOSTON BUSINESS SCHOOL .
    my schooL now is got 1 year edutrust .
    actualLy i Like my schooL .
    their service and people are very heLpfulL .
    when i got problem with my student pass they help me and try try and try untilL i got the student pass .
    the Lecture aLso very nice and helpfull .
    even our school not too big but they give us the best .
    i Love my schooL and i hope my schooL can get the edutrust certificate .

  6. All private school are big time cheaters really know how to make big money from hard earn dollars. One such school is Informatics i still cannot understand how come they also can become Edutrust for 4 years.From the time i join them for my diploma till now every time i have problems with my installment payment wonder what kind of system they have and when i call for my officer who serve to sign up just to know he left then the recruitment director spoke to me to solve the problem and ask me to come see him 1 week later.And when i went there he has also left the company

    After many attempt there was this chinese director called Samantha and her MD Mr Ng spoke to me promising me to solve my problem and guess what when i came back from Indonesia early this month and went to the school to just to know both of them have left the company also.

    From the start i have so much problem with the school from payment to chedule and the lectuerers reads from the powerpoint slide and the management always busy meeting and so cannot meet us the students.

    so becareful of this school

  7. Reports on Sic and Stansfield

    Be careful in choosing these colleges,they are money suckers,they don’t provide a good education and they target all the foreign students and tell them will do all help and good teaching,but once you go there you wont get any sort of kind of environment.
    moreover Singapore don’t encourage students to work in part time, i mean only government colleges allowed,so these guys take an advantage of it and make student to stay and in their hostel and suck their money as much as can.

    although ,we are foreigners we came in a trust basis,but finally we are betrayed and breech by that people.

    unless you got money it doesn’t mean that you play in students life.

    guys make sure in joining in these colleges.

    many of my parents studied and got a negative feedback from please avoid joining in these colleges..

    in order you study in Singapore..choose NUS,NTU,SMU and SIM
    these are the best colleges in Singapore and Singapore education is good when we compare to others,you can get a PR or work if u study in these colleges.

    These Stanfield is one of the money suckers in the world.

    Many complaints against them.

    • Hey Shaddy, I went to Stanfield and I have a feeling that you didn’t or dropped out. I think you’ve got the schools mixed up. I’m a foreign student but I wasn’t forced to stay at the hostel. But I know some other schools do. I was on the Dip in Econs and at first I wanted my lecturers to spoon feed me and I thought they were too strict. But then I realized that good lecturers make you think and do the work. I really enjoyed my course in the end.
      Some of us foreign students really want to study and not work and we don’t mind paying a little more for smaller class sizes and better education. I really liked the fact that I could go and see my lecturers anytime for help

      Maybe if you actually try and focus on your studies instead of complaining you would enjoy it more.

    • Are you still in the college?

    • Hey Prakash,
      You know what? You have never attended a top class school and that makes you enjoy a bullshit school of Singapore. Even back in your Chennai go to an educated community and tell them that you study in Singapore. They will wonder as to what and where the heaven do you study in Singapore…there are no schools in Singapore. NUS, NTU etc have some reputation but there is nothing so great about those-just ordinary schools. I have worked with many scholars coming out of these, they were all just below average. EduTrust is awarded to any school that is paying taxes. EduTrust grant is simply an effort to attract overseas students.

    • No school is perfect. If you have a clear intension to study you can study in any school. But if you dont hv that pasion even top school like NUS, SMU and NTU will not be good enough.

      Stansfield has taken a different approach to thier teaching methods compared to other schools. I will not say its the best school but can ensure that you will enjoy learning. Before we point fingure at others we have the reflect on ourself first.

  8. Feedback on Marketing Institute of Singapore
    I would like to express my upmost disappointment with my experience with MIS to date. In terms of quality of education, I found the 2 classes I attended under the Grad Diploma in Marketing highly theoretical, and the lecturers unable to provide a practitioner perspective. I requested a transfer to the Postgrad Diploma in Marketing course (under Executive Education option), and while I enjoyed my marketing strategy course, the marketing communication course was again too theoretical, with the new lecturer not even familiar with the course notes. On the administrative side, things were a disaster, with MIS taking close to 5 months to reimburse me the difference in fees despite the change made within the 7 day cooling down period and bi-weekly reminders. When I requested for my certificates of completion, I had to follow up regularly until MIS offered to post them to me more than 5 months late and at an additional cost of postage. I am shocked that an institution that prides itself in “…inculcating a culture that motivates staff members to serve with passion, promotes enterprise, innovation and service quality…” could be so unprofessional in discharging its duty of care in the delivery of its services.

    • We thank user Vince_C for his feedback on his experience with the Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre and are pleased to to note that the issues raised have been addressed and successfully resolved directly with him. We regret the miscommunication and welcome all forms of feedback at or (65) 6411 1700.

      Communications Department
      Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre

  9. Hi any one know about ITC school of law,how the school good or bad.anyone could advice me?


  11. To Mr Vincent Choo, thank you for raising this to our concern in Feb where our colleagues were in touch, clarifications were made and the matter was closed 2 days later. In the meantime, if you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact my colleagues from Student Administration at 6411 1700 for assistance. Regards,
    Continuing Education, MISTC

  12. Tyndale institute is a cheating school. They are behind of mdm Quo who is the owner of atrium and Cambridge business school. They are now trying to get Edutrust with TEG, so that the student from their closed school can be transfer over. Their intention is only forcusing on profit margin instead of life long learning. It’s a hit and run business. Such school should not be granted Edutrust. Foreigner they who lost their money in Singapore education would not only think that the problem lay on some conmem but it’s Singapore system. I’m hereby urge Edutrust should not approve Edutrust for such evil intention.

    • Are you a foreigner?

    • Dear Airry, my brother intention to join the Tyndale institute Engineering programme, any comment for this school ?

      • Are you and your brother a foreigner? I am not sure if they can enroll foreigner.

        Anyway in my own opinion, there is other institution that offer better engineering programme.

      • are you a foreigner? I dont think they can admit foreign students

        anyway i think there are better institutions offering engineering programmes

      • Please note that non EduTrust certified schools are NOT allowed to enroll foreign students. IF the private school insists on doing so, do be rest assured that the STP will NEVER get approved due to the EduTrust requirements specified by ICA. There are currently only 66 schools with the EduTrust mark, 1 or 4 years. 43 with EduTrust Provisional and 23 EduTrust, 0 with EduTrust Star

  13. Are you a foreigner? I do not think they can admit any foreign students.

    Anyway i personally feel that there are better institutions offering engineering programme.

  14. Edutrust Feel Free to contact me.

    My Vietnamese agents will no longer send students to Singapore.
    Im truly saddened because I sincerely love Singapore and Singapore has so much potential in Education.
    Reason: Even Edutrusted Schools and provisionally Edutrusted schools are blatantly lying to foreign students, professionally accredited Instructors, Student agencies etc..

    1) Vietnamese students are being told that they can enter any College or University here after half a year at some schools. Some are actively suggesting students to stop their overseas school studies and students find out they were lied to once they come here.
    2) Fraudulent and fake scholarships offered by a Provisionally Edutrusted school to overseas students.
    3) Forcing ridiculous KPI Key Performance Indicators pre contract agreements on instructors that they must pass most of the students at a over 90% passing rate no matter what or the teachers get financially penalized. This done by Fully Edutrusted School.

    Dear Edutrust. If you do not penalize those schools who have personal friends in Government, so they can get away with these types of antics, closing 700 to 800 schools will not help any declining SGP education provider reputation overseas.
    Some big education operators have their College status registered in the British Virgin Islands of all places. Dont you think that enquiring parents with businesses are not going to seriously check into the legitimacy of these Singaporean institutions.
    If you as Edutrust will not be vigilant, you will make your newly changed Education Industry Edutrust Mark have no credibility.
    Furthermore foreign governments Education Departments will not ok or allow big Singaporean Investor projects into Education into their countries.

    Friendly Suggestion.
    Make sure the Edutrust mark can not be gained by method of corruption or ex friends and colleagues connections who worked together in the SGP government previously.

    The Edutrust mark should stand for true excellence in Singapore Education making Singapore proud, and not a mark obtainable by guidance of insider friends, circumventing real standards and quality.
    My short stay with your schools antics in Singapore have been shocking and very disappointing.
    Remember that you can not control the foreign press when they report on their cheated students or nationals who tried to work here with honest Academic integrity .
    Please re check the Edutrusted list of schools so far.

    I had to do a lot of damage control on your behalf pertaining to 3 Edutrusted schools.

    Sincerely Good luck to clean up this mess.
    You can pretend all is well in Singapore but not control the fall out overseas.

  15. I’ve found the worst school in town. Poor me… Had spent a lot of money and time and not even get a certificate. The college staff kept telling lies, every time I go to get my diploma cert, they told me next month, next month…… I’ve been waitng for a few months just to get my exam result and my diploma cert. During the time I was studying in this college, the exam results, school fee receipts always delayed. The staffs quality really bad, they even forgot to inform the students about the schedule changing . These are not the worst, can you believe that I’d never gotten my assigments back during 9 months of my study. I’d been asking and complaining about it, the staffs just ignored it at all. Even the lecturers helped us dicussed about this issue, they still just gave us a “promise”. I don’t even remember how many promises that they had made about our assignments. Even until today, I’ve already left the school 5 months, I’m still don’t have any assignment return to me. How a student learn if they don’t get the comments from their lecturer about their assignment. How foolish and lazy these school staffs……. This is my bad experience studied in Singapore. MOE, please do not give this bad school edutrust cert. Everyone who consider to study in Singapore private college, please be careful about this rubbish school called MIC.

  16. I’ll never forget all the bad experiences I’d ever had in AEC college – Singapore. I feel very guilty for those who enter this AEC college and come that far from their country to study here. The very first time I came to this school, I didn’t really think that it was a college. I came to the receptionists and asked to see some staffs of the school. Even after seeing me standing in front of them to wait for their “Hi, may I help you?”, they were still so busy talking to each other and were laughing very loud ( I’m a foreign student so I didn’t really understand their topics ). For a while, they stared at me and asked “What you want?”. It sounded to me like I was in a food court and was talking to the seller to buy food. Well… that was my first impression…
    Finally I started the course. That was my Diploma in Business. The only good thing was about teachers. They were very good to all the students and they tried to help us a lot and would never mind teaching again and again what we did not understand.
    My second impression was about Schedule. It seemed to me like they do not really have plans for what they are going to do. I just couldn’t believe it when i kept coming to school every day before the course started to ask for the schedule of my term and always got the answer “No yet” from them. Until the first day of the course, everyone still did not have the schedule of their term. We finally got it on the second day of the course. It looked to me like they opened the school for fun ( sorry but i was just too upset for what I’d had ). Staffs are very very very irresponsible and sorry… sometimes they are very rude and extremely lack of understanding. I wondered if educational organizations should have considered again when they need to hire employees for this kind of jobs. They should know what job they are doing and where they are working and be more serious. We are paying to study here, we are not studying for free. We just can’t acccept the policy “We will open the course and plan for your program whenever we want” of AEC COLLEGE.
    I remember once I got the results of my exam and found out that 1 of the subjects was marked unfairly. I asked one of the staff about the issue and she passed me to another staff and that staff again passed me to another and finally i was passed to the Head of the School ( seemed like none of them wanted to care ). The Head of the School heard my story and said that he couldn’t do anything and again passed me to another person who took care of all the exam papers. That man came out to talk to me and he could hardly spoke English. I felt totally disappointed when he first asked “You can speak Chinese ?” and then with the help of my Chinese friend, he understood my problem. But then I decided to close the case after so many troubles they created. Why couldn’t they make it simpler for us – their customers ? Why couldn’t they care of us more ? Why couldn’t they fulfill our needs ?
    The whole system in this school is totally fail.

  17. Please could you tell me about AEC College and the MBA Programe (Offered by University of Wales,Newport). How good is it and after completing the course how can i apply for job. also does the help in placements.

  18. HI,
    I’m planning to apply to the AEC College , Singapore to persue MBA which is offered by University of Wales, Newport. Is it a good college ? I would really appreaciate if anyone could help me on this.

    • AEC College is the best College established in Singapore from 1985….so the experience the staff & the quality shows ….Edutrust 4 years certification. AEC college got Quality class award & having many programs with different steams.
      I will suggest that AEC is the best College to Join .

  19. I was a student of AEC college. I wouldn’t say the staff were bad. Instead i would say the management of the whole school failed completely. Their system is neither organized nor synchronized. I didnt mean the staff were good either, including those in the management boards. They lack of enthusiasms, logic and most importantly, their works were never in order. They never followed up unless students kept pushing them. They always promise things would be done TOMORROW and that tomorrow would never ever come unless students kept calling them (they rarely picked phone though) or sat outside their office for 4-5hrs every day to get things done somehow.

    Results always come really late, timetables are rarely given on time, students are not respected and treated right (You will have the feelings of being the star of AEC when you first come there. They will be really nice to you and talk to you in really sweet tone until your full payment is made. There you go – the real heaven comes into picture).

    To anyone who chooses or will choose AEC: Good luck with your journey in AEC college and well… still a lot more to fill in. Go, discover and feel it yourself. See it with your own eyes and i sincerely hope your journey will somehow be much smoother than mine.

  20. Anyone here has any comments about ITC School of Laws? Is it MOE approved/recognized?

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