EduTrust Certified Schools in Singapore

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Current Private Schools with CaseTrust – to be updated once EduTrust launched

These are the Private Schools with PEO status currently that has the CaseTrust for Education accreditation. This list will be revised once EduTrust is launched and will be made available in

To learn about Edutrust and its new stringent criteria, please click on About Edutrust.

21st Century Esthetic & Wellness Academy
3dsense Media School
Advance Supply Chain Training Centre
AEC Business School
AEC Edu Group Pte Ltd
AEC Resource Development Pte Ltd
Aesara School of Liberal Arts
Aesthetics International Academy
Aestral Private School
AGMI International Pte Ltd
AIMT Pte Ltd
Air Transport Training College
Alberton Management Institute Pte Ltd
ALG Education Centre Pte Ltd (fka ALG Education Centre and Linguaphone language centre)
Alliance Business School
Alpha Education Centre
AM School of Business Studies
American Center for Education Pte Ltd
AMGT Management School
Arium Consulting & Education Pte Ltd
ARIUM School of Management and Technology Pte Ltd (trading as ARIUM School of Management and Technology)
Ascend Education Centre
Asia Innovatory Management School
Asia Pacific School of Sports & Business
Asia School of Business
Asia Theological Centre For Evangelism & Missions
Asia-Australia School of Management
Asian School of Education
ASK School of Management
Auston Institute of Management and Technology
Aventis School of Management
Baking Industry Training Centre
BCA Academy (f.k.a Construction Industry Training Institute)
Beacon School of Technology Pte Ltd
Bedok Commercial School
Berkshire School
Birmingham Business School
BMC Academy
Boston Asia Development Centre Pte Ltd
Boston Business Management School Pte Ltd
Boston Business School
Boston International School
Bradford-Rex School of Education and Technology
Bradford-Rex School of Hospitality and Management
Brighton Commercial Training Centre
Bristol Business School
Brookes Business School
Buxton School of Business
Cambridge Business School
Cambridge School
Cambridge School of Education
Camford Business School
Canadian School of Advanced Learning
Cardiff Learning Centre
Career Design Hub Pte Ltd
Cavalry School of Management and Design
CBS Business Institute
CerealTech Training Pte Ltd
Chartered Institute of Technology
City Harvest Bible Training Center
City of Manchester School of Management
Coleman College
Columbia School of Business Studies Pte Ltd
Continental Educators
Cosmoprof Academy Pte Ltd
CSM Academy International Pte Ltd
CTM Management School
Cut & Curl Beauty and Hair Academy
Cut & Curl Professional And Academy Pte Ltd
Derma Floral Beauty Pte Ltd
Dimensions International College
Dimensions Language Centre
East Asia Institute of Management
Eastwest Education Centre
Econ Careskill Training Centre
Eddington Private School
Edu-Point Learning Hub
Egg Story Digital Arts School Pte Ltd
Electronics Industries Training Centre
EMC Learning Centre
ERC Institute
EtonHouse Education Centre
European Business School
Excom Education Centre
Fei Yang International Technology (S) Pte Ltd
FIG Learning Centre
FIL Beauty & Spa Academy
First Learning & Training Centre
First Media Design School
FIS Education Centre
FTMS School of Higher Learning *(FTMS School of Professional Accounting & Finance has changed its name to FTMS School of Higher Learning and the business of FTMS Business School and FTMS School of Engineering and Computing Sciences have merged into it)
FY Institute of Technology (Singapore)
Genesis School of Special Education
Genetic Computer School
Georgie Hair Academy
GEOS Language Centre
Global School of Technology & Management
GNS School of Business And Technology
Growth Language Centre
Guilford School of Hospitality
Hanbridge Commercial School
Hanbridge School
Hannsfield Business & Training School
Harington Management School
Harriet Business School
Harvest Management School
HBS Hospitality Business School
HEG Singapore Pte Ltd
Hemsdale Associates Pte Ltd
Hemsdale Management School Pte Ltd
HMA Business & Hospitality School
HMI Institute of Health Sciences
Hua Business School
Hua Language Centre
Human Capital Educational Group Pte Ltd (fka T.E.D Human Resource Development Centre)
IBISO Creative Inspirational Learning
ICN Academy
IDY Learning Centre
Image International (S) Pte Ltd
Image School of Technology Pte Ltd
Imelda Unisex Hair Styling & Beauty Training School
Informatics Computer School
Informatics Group Centre for Open Learning
Inlingua School of Languages
Innova Education School
Inspiration Design International Pte Ltd
Inspiration Design School
Inspire Business School
Inspire Education Centre
Institute of Advertising Singapore
Insworld School
Intaglio Tuition Centre
Integrative Therapy Centre
Intense Animation Academy
International Centre for Early Childhood Education
International Cuisine Association of Singapore (ICAS)
International Hair & Beauty Academy Pte Ltd
ISC Education Centre
Ivy Education Centre
Jamiyah Business School
Jantzen Academy Pte Ltd
JCU Singapore Education Centre
JCU Singapore Pte Ltd
JE Computer & Education Centre
Jean Yip Academy
Jewellery Design and Management International School
June’s Beauty School Pte Ltd
Kaplan – Asia Pacific Management Institute (fka Asia Pacific Management Institute (S) Pte Ltd)
Kaplan Financial Education Centre
Kimage Hairdressing School Pte Ltd
Kimarie Esthetics & Make-Up Pte Ltd
Kimarie Hair & Beauty Training Centre Pte Ltd
Kingston International School
KLC School of Education
Knowledge Window Asia Pacific Training Centre
Learning Capital School of Higher Education (fka Learning Capital School of Early Childhood)
Lee Community College
Lee Wei Song School of Music
Lincoln Business School
Lincoln School of Managment Pte Ltd
Lingo Language School
Lingo School of Business
Lorna Whiston EAL School
LP Language School
Management Development Institute of Singapore
Marketing Institute of Singapore
MDIS College
Melior Business School (F.K.A Monash Business School)
Mirror D’ International Hair & Beauty Training Centre
MMI Business School
Modern Montessori Training Centre
Monford Education Centre
Monsoon Hair Academy Pte Ltd
Mystique Training Academy
N2P2 Professional Training Centre
Nanyang Education School
Nanyang Institute of Management
Nanyang International Sports School
Nanyang Learning House
Nanyang Yuwen School of Commerce
Navitas Education Centre Pte Ltd
Navitas Singapore Pte Ltd
New Cambridge Education Centre
Newcastle School of Management
Nexus Academics Training Centre
NYU Language Centre
Omega Commercial School
Orchard School of Arts & Commerce
Orita.Sinclair – School of Art and New Media
Oriton School
Oxford Business and Language School
Parkway College of Nursing & Allied Health Pte Ltd
Perfect Image Beauty & Cosmetology Academy Pte Ltd
Petra Education Centre
Pivot Point Cosmetology Training Centre
Portman Business School
Portman Management Centre
Process Educational Centre
Protherapist academy
PSB Academy
PSB Academy Pte Ltd
Punniya Language and Computer Centre
Queensfield Business School
Queensfield International Business School Pte Ltd
Queensland Business School
Raffles Academy
Raffles Campus Business School
Raffles Design Institute
Raffles Design Institute (Singapore)
Raffles Education Group Pte Ltd
Raffles Merchandising School
Raja’s Commercial College
REC College Pte Ltd
REC College Singapore
Rieme Hair & Beauty Training Centre Pte Ltd
Royal Alberton School of Management
RTRC Asia Pte Ltd trading as Regional Training and Resource Centre in ECCE for Asia
SAE Institute
Saint Clare School for Special Education
San Yu Adventist School
School D’ Hospitality
School of Action Research
School of Communication & Design
School of Service Management
SCI Print Technology Institute Pte Ltd
SGP International Management Academy
Shatec Institutes Pte Ltd
Shelton College International
Shines Education Centre
Shines Education Pte Ltd
SHRM School of Hospitality & Resort Management
Shunji Matsuo Hair Academy Pte Ltd
SIC Education Group Pte Ltd
SIM Pte Ltd
Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business
Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Singapore Commercial School
Singapore Culinary Institute Pte Ltd
Singapore Human Resources Institute
Singapore Institute of Commerce
Singapore Institute of Materials Management
Singapore Institute of Science
Singapore Raffles Music College
Sky Cambridge Integrated School
SMa School of Management
Smart Learners Education Centre
Smartlab Education Private School
SmartTeam School of Management
SMDC Business School
Soh Hair Academy
SOHA Pte Ltd
Sotheby’s Institute of Art Singapore
Southern Centre for Education
Spring Language School
ST Education & Training Pte Ltd
St Hua Private School
St. James Management School
Stamford School Eduhub
Stamford School of Commercial Studies
Stansfield College
Steven Tuition Centre (Hougang)
Strategic Business Management School
System Computer & Commercial Training Pte Ltd
Systematic Commercial Training Centre
T.E.D Huaxia Institute
Tah Li School
Talent Education Centre
Tamaris Hairdressing & Beauty School (1987)
TC Education Centre
TCA College
TCC International Hotel School
Telelingua Educational Centre
Thames Business School
Thames Language School
The Barclyne Business School
The British Council English Language Teaching Centre
The School of Applied Studies
The School of Make-Up
The Slimming & Beauty School
The Spa And Wellness School Pte Ltd
The Tesol Training Centre
The Turning Point Business School
The Turning Point Education Consultants
The Young Prodigy Language School
Times Management Institute
TMC Academy
TMC Academy for Advanced Education
TMIS Business School Pte Ltd
Toni & Guy Academy
Toni International School of Hairdesign & Beauty Culture
Top Education Centre
Top Image Hair & Beaute Training Centre
Top To Toe College of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology
Tourism Management Institute of Singapore
Translingual Language Centre
Trusthouse Centre for Travel and Tourism studies
Turning Point Academy Pte Ltd
Tyndale Business School
Tyndale Education Group Pte Ltd
Tyndale Electronics School
Tyndale Language Centre
Tyndale Unicentre Pte Ltd
UNB College Pte Ltd
Uniapolis School of Business
Unisys Educational Training Centre
United Asia School of Management
Uptrend Business School
Uptrend Education Pte Ltd
Urban Beauty Academy Pte Ltd
Vantage Group Pte Ltd
Victoria Eduhub
Wall Street Education Center
Washington Commercial & Language School
Washington Computer School
Wavelink Maritime International Pte Ltd
Wealth Film Production Pte Ltd
West Business School
Westminster Language & Business School
WIBI School of Higher Learning
Worldwide Academic Education (S) Pte Ltd
YMCA School
Zesprion Language Centre
Zhicheng Private School

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  1. Dear Admin,

    I tried to find the Edu Trust Schools in Singapore for 2010. I would like to know that Auston Institute of Management is still on the list for 2010.Thank you so much.

    Warmest regards,


  2. Dear Admin,

    I would like to double check with you guys if the following schools mentioned below are in the 2010 EduTrust Certified List?

    1) Air Transport Training College

    2) SIC Education Group Pte Ltd

    Thank you and regards,

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